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New Year, New Goals

Last year I did something I've never done before, started a business. That was an adventure! More importantly, it was a big leap. Like that old quote about stepping on the moon, " giant leap..." You know the one. But with less Neil Armstrong and kind of a smaller leap. Nevertheless, it was one big step for me.

I love the look of the moon when it's still light outside.
Take me to the moon!

The challenge with a photography and digital artistry service is that it isn't like fast food, or an electrician, or even a shoe store. These days everyone has a camera in their pocket and people rarely say' "I'm hungry, let's go grab some photos for lunch." One doesn't often need a professional photo. And beautiful art is luxury, an indulgence of sorts. Professional photography isn't always on people's minds and you don't call us when the furnace breaks. So the wheels can move slow starting out in a photography business. But when you need that memory or moment captured, want to tell your story in visual form, do what your phone's camera can't do, we are here for you.

Nicely defined craters on the moon last year. They probably look the same this year.
Yeah, I like the moon. Love these craters. Where the heck did we land on here?

I've had the opportunity to work with some great people and cool animals last year (you know who you are), and in the year ahead I look forward to working with and meeting so many more amazing people. I look forward to trying some new things as a photographer, challenging my creative boundaries. And I have a few projects in mind to help in my community as well.

I've been hunting the moon. Last year I landed and took that first step. I feel you on this one Neil. Now, onward!

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