Hunting Whitetail Deer by the Moon

Welcome to – a website dedicated to patterning whitetail deer based on the moon. For generations outdoorsmen have know the moon has an influence on deer and other big game species feeding and movement patterns. We try and use this information to predict the best times or “moon days” to be hunting.

We base the best days to hunt not on the moon phase but on the moon transit. As the moon orbits the earth there are certain times when the moon is peaked overhead or underfoot, these are the times when the gravitational pull is the strongest and this effect can instinctively trigger deer to get up and feed or travel during the rut.

This is not a shortcut to success, you still need to have a solid tactics to get on deer. However this will help predict the best days/times for deer movement and could give you a big edge or help tilt the odds in your favor. Please visit our 2012 Moon Days to find the best hunting days based on the moon.

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